Embracing Change!

I am writing this first blog post from the airport in Beijing waiting for my flight to Hong Kong and then Malaysia.

It is Chinese New Year here and I am ready for a change in temperature and a change in pace!  After what seems to be a month of never ending “to do” lists I am finally on holiday.

As I start this course I am looking forward to the change that will happen in my practice and the change that will happen with my students.  Our world is constantly changing, technology is changing and so should we.

Beijing is constantly changing.  I went down the street to my favorite dumpling restaurant just yesterday only to find its doors closed and the place empty and abaondoned – this is a constant occurrence in this city as rents get higher and places develop.  One cannot live in this city and not notice the constant change to infrastructure and policies.  It can be frustrating yet also a bit exciting.  I think this feeling embodies what it means to really change.

I will experience change in the next six months as I move locations and begin a new job – how will I adapt and make this change work?

I am excited for the community that this program will bring for me in my constant desire to embrace technology, integrate skills for my students in the classroom and grow professionally.

One thought on “Embracing Change!

  • Enjoy your holiday…..it is well deserved!

    My time living in Shanghai I think helped me to realize this change as well. Funny how when your favorite food stall is know more you morn for a bit and then find another. Yet when it comes to technology I find many people get upset when a tool changes, goes away, or redesigns itself. As if technology should never adapt, never change. Our world is a face paced one both online and off. Learning to adapt, and find new places to eat or new places to get work done is all part of it.

    Enjoy the vacation!

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