Pathways in Math Learning

Just today in our PYP workshop on Mathematics in Hong Kong we were talking about assessable moments in Mathematics.  We had to read an article about how children learn best by understanding the concepts of numbers rather than rote learning and memorization without understanding.  The article goes on to talk about a Community of Learners and states that one view of teaching and learning is that the teacher is the source of all knowledge, dealing out parcels of knowledge to the learners.

Seriously? Do people still believe that…honestly?

Anyway, what I found interesting about the article was how it begins to touch on the need for teachers to listen to their students, become less helpful, and connect with others to enhance their practice.

The concept of connecting was also explored.

Building connections strengthens understanding and the article says that connecting provides pathways to retrieve or reconstruct what you need if things are forgotten.

So that is what I’m doing in COETAIL, essentially, connecting and building pathways of learning and nodes of connecting to others for the purpose of retrieving or reconstructing but also I would add to create and contribute as well.

Maybe this guy needed more life lines or pathways to help him get the right answer:
(maybe Twitter could become a lifeline?)

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