Grade 3 Skype Call to South Korea

We had a wonderful experience in our classroom last week.  Through the initiative of a student and his parents we were able to make connections with the Korean Aerospace Research Institute in South Korea. This was significant for us because of our inquiry into space and the effects of our solar system on Earth.  We Read more about Grade 3 Skype Call to South Korea[…]

Flatclassroom Virtual Experience

This post seems quite timely to my involvement as a virtual participant in the Flatclassroom Conference in Tokyo this weekend.  The theme was “How can we help each other” and the platforms were set up for groups to collaborate on projects that would address the theme.  This is a face to face conference with virtual Read more about Flatclassroom Virtual Experience[…]

Unimportant and Uninteresting Understandings

The title of this post reflects my state of being at this moment.  I have delayed this blog post for 7 days thinking that something magical and enlightening would come to me. I felt like this guy waiting……. but it didn’t. I am sitting here pondering over the hours of mindless (but fun!) link jumping Read more about Unimportant and Uninteresting Understandings[…]