Course 1 Final Project – Journeys on the Silk Road

I think I use technology quite a lot in my room and since the beginning of this course keep asking myself if it is transformative.   Is it taking the students to a place they could not have gone before technology or without the tools we are using?

This is a lesson I have done in the past and am adapting it to new technology tools and using some transformative learning through a collaborative site such as Edmodo.

Is it transformative? I believe it is transformative because they are going to use Edmodo to post their products and have input into the other groups.  They are familiar with how to comment on a blog, post things to their digital portfolios and share media links.  The Edmodo site will enable them to work in partners and add content and ideas to the others.  Does this make it transformative?

Does technology enhance the learning?  The tools we are using (iPads, Edmodo) will enhance the learning because of the skills they are using and the multi-media component that will be in the product.

Feedback is welcomed!

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