Right Click, CTRL C, CTRL V

Ok, this is what my brain does when I think of the topic of copyright, piracy, fair use, and whatever else you want to call it.

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Why does nothing make sense?  Why is this issue so confusing?

My mind has been going back and forth on this issue and questioning why it all matters and how can we really get a handle on it.  I think that the very reason we are still talking about these issues are testament that this is a grey topic – this is not an easy fix and this is not something that is going to go away anytime soon.

We are all very good at right clicking, copying and pasting something that we need, like or want into a document or into whatever we are creating.  I am amazed at what repercussions this can have on a larger scale.  After watching a video from Kelsey Giroux’s latest post I am totally awe struck that this is the direction the internet might be going.  How can this be possible? How can we prevent it from happening? The internet is founded upon principles of sharing and connecting that goes against these new IP laws.  It is scary to think that this could happen and may already be in the works.  This brings me to think about my life in China.

I sit here on my computer, connected to a VPN so that I can access this blog, google sites, and many many more and wonder how can a superpower such as China be allowed to block sites like facebook, youtube and twitter.  Well, it sounds extreme but the censorship in China will blow you away.  Yet at the same time China has an extremely big problem of piracy and copyright infringment.  There is not a corner in Beijing in certain areas that you can’t cross without having an opportunity to buy a DVD for the price of a pepsi.  This video brings the issue to highlight:


So how do I model this and teach my 8 year old kids (who would have a hard time understanding this on a large scale) about it in a country like China when there seems to be no regard for these issues?

Well, I think the atmosphere I create in my classroom about respect for ownership, appreciation for the other, and safety to take risks and fail are important.  I also need to figure this out in my own head about what it all means and what it means for education and how we can make sense of it for our kids and help them navigate the messy waters of this stuff.  I really like the ideas of fair use and how it allows the sharing and taking of information for teaching purposes under certain conditions as long as we give attribution and follow guidelines.  Common sense plays a big part as well.

I think if we use common sense then we are doing more than most and we should try to think before we Right Click, CTRL C, CTRL V.


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