Course 2 Child Friendly AUP

A group of educators (Vivian, Sibila, Mick, Devita, Verena, Carlene, Donovan) came together for this final task of Course 2 in the COETAIL program.  We met each other through Vivian’s initiative of using the #CoetailAUP on twitter.  We are all elementary teachers who did not know each other but desired to collaborate and discuss issues Read more about Course 2 Child Friendly AUP[…]

Down The Rabbit Hole

The Internet is the amazing place of discovery.  I love how the folks at Curator’s Code term the infinite discovery of the internet similar to that of going down a Rabbit’s Hole.  When you think about it, that is exactly what we are doing.  Here is what the rabbit’s hole looks like for me on Read more about Down The Rabbit Hole[…]

Whose Got The Power?

I was really struck with the article by Danah Boyd (2010) in which she talks about how bullying and the programs we put in schools just don’t resonate with the average teenager or child for that matter.  It’s true.  Think about the multitude of anti-bullying programs and plans we put in place in schools to Read more about Whose Got The Power?[…]