Course 2 Child Friendly AUP

A group of educators (Vivian, Sibila, Mick, Devita, Verena, Carlene, Donovan)
came together for this final task of Course 2 in the COETAIL program.  We met each other through Vivian’s initiative of using the #CoetailAUP on twitter.  We are all elementary teachers who did not know each other but desired to collaborate and discuss issues with acceptable use policies, student safety and our students’ online activities.  We begun discussions and introductions early on in this course and added a couple of people throughout which was helpful and beneficial as it meant a 6-week process of discussing our final project.

My initial goal was that we were going to create 1 document that we collaborated on.  This proved to be difficult and not necessarily where we all thought we would end up.  Through the process I realized that this was not necessarily everyone’s goal and not necessarily the goal of the course.  What we did achieve was many discussions, emails, tweets and conversations based around our objective which was to collaborate on a product.  Did this product need to be the same? No.  Did it need to be uniform? No.  The purpose was collaboration and the product was individual.  We all came from different angles, different schools and different experiences with AUPs.

So, how did it all work?
First we came together through the #CoetailAUP that Vivian setup.  This is what it looked like:

“Meeting” on Twitter

Then we formed groups through the google docs and our folders started filling up with ideas, school AUP examples, website resources, etc etc….

Starting the collaboration

Well, off to a great start! The successes were great, I found:

-awesome educators to collaborate with
-lots of ideas for AUPs and a sense of how other schools had formed their documents
-a great network of people to work through this project together,

Some of the challenges were:

-not having a clear vision for what I was expecting but realizing later that the collaboration was the most important aspect of this and our outcomes and products would be individual based on our needs and angles we wanted to take.  Some of us had working documents already in our school and in my case we had just created one I was quite happy with based on remixing from other schools.

We then decided to meet through google hangouts and get to know each other and discuss issues surrounding our AUPs and raise questions about things such as:
-student access
-how we implement them and share them with staff/parents/students
-vision / purpose / direction
-and just get some direction for our group projects.

Our first google hangout!

Sibila and I met (due to both being in Beijing and knowing each other quite well) and decided to take my AUP from BISS and turn the language into child-friendly words using I will and I can statements.  Sibila worked on getting images together to add to the K-2 section and I changed the wording for the 3-5 section. We then put it into the document that you see below.

The takeaways from this project for me are:

-collaboration definitely brings a more richer experience to the project
-the challenges are just learning opportunities
-there is a whole lot to learn about there about how to create an AUP and what should be in it.

Enjoy and feedback is welcomed!!

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  • The screenshot was actually, “I hope I don’t lose my Internet connection!”

    I’d forgotten that we played “Rocks, Paper, Scissors” over which group would get Mick LOL.

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