Thoughts On Becoming Screen Literate

Many times we think of literacy as reading and writing.  However, we now know the importance of our children acquiring a new kind of literacy: Visual Literacy.  This is something that we must teach them and it is becoming ever more apparent that these skills are embedded in our teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom.

I appreciated reading the article by Kevin Kelly, Becoming Screen Literate, in which he breaks down this new generation of screen viewers and the cultural shift occurring in what it now means to be literate.  We are being bombarded daily by screens.

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Reflections on Powerpoints

We had our back to school night about a month ago and I remember having teachers from the school share examples of powerpoint presentations they have used with parents and thinking quietly that there has got to be a more effective way of communicating.  Back to School night presentations are usually full of information, details, Read more about Reflections on Powerpoints[…]

Using Maps to Teach Visual Literacy

In my class this month we are learning about Maps.  Our big ideas are: How can maps help us learn? How can we learn to use maps and understand direction, position, size, etc…? Traditionally, this unit has used globes, maps (paper) and atlases.  There is nothing in our unit plans and content that use the Read more about Using Maps to Teach Visual Literacy[…]

From “Design Challenged” To “A Challenge To Design”

I am design challenged. From the way I decorate my apartment to the way I take pictures and think about layout out of my blog with colors and widgets I really have a long way to go.  I would like to think that I am communicating a message and engaging my audience.  I truly hope Read more about From “Design Challenged” To “A Challenge To Design”[…]