My Zen Presentation

So as I begin this process of “zenning” the presentation I wanted to share my thoughts on the process and the product.

Firstly, it took me a long time to think of images that fit what I was trying to say.  My old powerpoint or “death by power point” gets all my information across in text heavy slides but it’s there up on the screen, it gives everyone something to look at and it lets me rely on the content rather than the real story.  It’s the real story that I want parents to walk away with.  It isn’t my degree that’s important or how many procedures I will be teaching the kids in the first week or the dates of the assessments and parent teacher conferences.

The story I want parents to walk away with is knowing who I am as an educator, how I will treat the students in a learning environment and what I believe is important in education today and how I will move my students to being connected learners.  That’s the story.  Does it come through in the old powerpoint? No.  Does it come through in the new one? We’ll see, but I think I am ten steps closer to achieving the purpose of “back to school night”.  I will tweak the new version as I see fit before delivering it next year but this process gave me a real start on creating slides that told the story of our classroom rather than bombarding figures, dates and words to parents that can take it away in the form of a handout.


Here is the revamped version:

3 thoughts on “My Zen Presentation

  • Hi Tim,

    What a difference!! Really like the graphics – they seem to send a very powerful message in each one of them. The text is nicely balanced on each slide and matches the image you have chosen. At each slide I wonder what the ‘story’ will be which makes me think that if I was in the audience I would be interested to hear what you had to say, rather than focusing on the text as in the ‘death by powerpoint’ presentation.


  • It really is fun watching the transformation of other peoples presentations. Though your previous one was quite informative, the new presentation looks like it was much more engaging.

    Couple of things I was wondering is if you went with handouts or not. Also, did you find parents more responsive with this presentation vs previous meet the teacher nights?

  • Hi Tim,
    I agree with you that it takes too long to find appropriate images. It happened to me when I did my presentation about “Intervention and Enrichment.” I felt like saying “Why am I stressing myself?” Internet being down in Addis Ababa was a major problem for my colleagues and I too. It payed off that your slide is amazing finally. I can tell parents will be happy to see your presentation and will build trust in the way you are teaching their children. Your presentation will also make them feel that their children’s ability for technology will be better because of the exposure you created.

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