My Digital Story -Course 3 Final Project

I have made digital stories with my students several times and have asked them to generate a timeline of events, think about characters and design the story that they wanted to share.  I have used various web tools to do this and have found great success.  It wasn’t until I went through this course and I thought about creating the story myself that I ran into the difficulties that my students would encounter when trying to do the same.  I am really motivated to try using iMovie with my kids more often.

I chose to do the story of Salva Dut coming to our school and into our classroom.  This was a big event at my school and one that we have been preparing for over the course of the last couple of months.  The day was finally arriving when he would be visiting and many preparations went into his visit to our classroom.  I saw the event as a story with characters, a setting, and a climax.  I was asked by another teacher to share the experience of Salva Dut visiting with a class in Japan and thought that this digital story I would make for the course would be a perfect opportunity to share this with the kids that we would skype with.

So, here it is:


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