Thoughts on Course 5 – Redefinition

I am looking forward to really taking this next semester to redefine some of my practice with technology and to use technology to leverage the learning! The last year and a half has turned me upside down and I have become an avid learner about tech stuff. I find myself almost nightly jumping around ideas Read more about Thoughts on Course 5 – Redefinition[…]

School: An Ideal Place for Problem-Based Learning

The learning landscape is changing at a faster pace that I can really keep up with.  The way we are learning is so brand new that it scares me.  It makes me uncomfortable.  This is where I live.  I live everyday realizing that I can’t and shouldn’t be doing the same things in the same Read more about School: An Ideal Place for Problem-Based Learning[…]

The Way We Learn vs. What We Learn

In reflecting on this weeks readings and my own learning journey as well as the approach I take in the classroom I have been thinking a lot about relevancy.  How will schools ensure that they are employing relevant educators? How do we stay relevant? How do help our kids to be relevant in todays rapidly Read more about The Way We Learn vs. What We Learn[…]