Course 5 Final Project – Our Story

What a journey! It is hard to believe that I am sitting here typing this final blog post for a program that began over a year ago. I began my coetail journey with excitement and a bit of fear of the unknown but have learned a lot along the way. I truly believe that I think differently and plan differently after all of the learning that has taken place over the last 15 months.

This final project is really a celebration for me on the many small projects and authentic technology integration that has taken place in my classrooms over the last two years.  I am proud of my students for taking risks with me and thankful to my PLN for the support along the way. I know that this is just the beginning and I can’t wait to keep learning.

Here is the UBD Planner used to form the project and guide our lesson development:

Here is the embedded final video sharing our thoughts:

Ebook projects:

Plains Native Americans PDF File

Northwest Coast PDF File

Eastern Woodlands PDF File

Southwest PDF File

Our class blog can be found here:

Grade 3A Class Blog

7 thoughts on “Course 5 Final Project – Our Story

  • Well done Tim! I love the fact that your kids made suggestions and shared their ideas and you went with it: working with KG students often doesn’t give me that option- although sometimes kindergarteners can surprise you!:) Thanks for inviting me along on our Coetail journey- I loved being part of our cohort- I know we will share many more new ‘learning’ curves together!

  • Great video, and such impressive work from your third graders, Tim! I love that one of your students is answering THE most important COETAIL question: what has technology allowed you to do that you couldn’t have done without it? 🙂

  • I love how the connections you made for one part of this project completely opened up other options as well. That’s what this was all about. The students seemed genuinely excited about what they were doing and I don’t doubt that their love of writing and reading has improved through the quad-blogging project. Great job!

  • Hi Tim,

    first of all: Congrats to finishing the course. 🙂

    I love that you let the students collaborate with other classes around the world. That’s such a authentic situation and we can’t make the students aware of it and let them experience it early enough. Have you actually thought about publishing the ebooks on iTunes? I think it would make the students very proud as a result of all the collaborative work.

    All the best for your future.

  • Hi Tim,

    Wow! You have some fantastic stuff going on. I love how you used twitter to reach out so you could find classes with whom your students could connect. I was stoked to learn about That’s a new site for me and one I definitely want to explore.

    It was great to check out your blogs and seeing how you use quadblogging with your grade 3 students. Having them set up as collaborators under the class blog seems like a very manageable way to get them introduced to blogging.

    I’ll be teaching grade 3 next year, so I will definitely keep an eye on what you are up to!

    Great work!

  • The fact that you have put together an eBook with 3rd graders gives me the confidence to try it with Middle Schoolers. Teaming up with another class in your school as well as a class in the US added considerably to the perspectives gained by the students. Congratulations and thanks for sharing a great project.

  • Hi Tim

    Congratulations on finishing Coetail. It’s so obvious from your video that you tried your best to push your comfort zone and to re-invent the curriculum, the learning, and the unit to Redefinition levels.

    As you said, we all have constraints that are not in our control so it’s not always possible to attempt what we think would be the ideal. You did an admirable job of trying to exploit every possibility to raise the SAMR in everything.

    I like the way that you used Twitter to open up your options.

    I’m sure the students enjoyed this new format for their unit way better than the worksheets from before. I’m sure the topic became more “alive” and relevant to them. Along the way, they experienced the value of having global connections to increase our knowledge and resources.

    Thanks for the tip about Blendspace. I’ll keep that in mind. Quad-blogging sounds like the way to go, too.

    Let the students know I enjoyed the video. Great job, to all!

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