5 Ways To Use Book Creator in the Classroom

img_20161109_090628I work in a 1-1 iPad school as a preK-2 Technology Integration Specialist and one of my favourite apps for integration in the classroom is Book Creator. Book Creator is a great app for students to create books about their learning in a simplistic way that encourages thinking skills, designing and demonstrating learning.

It can be used on-going formative assessment or a summative assessment piece. There are tons of creative ways this app can be used.
What follows are 5 ways I have encouraged Book Creator in my school.

1. Child-Created Books 

This is the most common way we use Book Creator at our school.  Children use Book Creator to write stories or take written stories and turn them digital.  There is nothing more exciting that a child seeing their book published for an audience.  The process of making a book is simple and intuitive for children as there are little distractions which allow the child to get down to creating and designing. In the example below, students collaborated on Non-Fiction books about Southwest Native Americans and we used the features in book creator to make books from individual pages (similar to the way that we created the global book below):



2. Global Collaborative Books

One great way that Book Creator can be used is through the process of writing a book together. Despite each book page being created on a separate device there are various ways of putting those pages together to a class book or a global book written by students in different countries.

img_0513 img_0514

3. Science Journals / Projects

Book Creator lends itself to be a documentation of a child’s learning throughout a unit.  For examples, the app can be a place to show the process of executing a science experiment or documenting the life cycle of a particular animal.  In this class, students used Book Creator as a Science Journal where each day they added photos and text that show the growth and development of their meal worm in Grade 2.


4. Jolly Phonics Sounds

Is Book Creator to advanced for Kindergarten? Absolutely not.  In fact, students as young as 4 and 5 years old can use this app independently to show what they know about sounds, letters and words. One teacher uses Book Creator to have students make reinforcing books about the sounds that they are learning. On each page is a photo of something beginning with the sound, a drawing of the sound and a voice recording of the student saying the sound and a sample word.


5. Learning Journals / e-Portfolios

Finally, I love the idea of using Book Creator as a learning journal throughout the year, or as an ePortfolio to showcase best work and work in progress for student led conferences.  These books also make for a great keepsake for parents.  Do they take up space? Not at all as they are digital and can be shared with friends and family around the world.  Book Creator can also be used to send ebooks to other platforms such as Easy Blog for digital portfolios.



How do you use book creator in your classroom?

One thought on “5 Ways To Use Book Creator in the Classroom

  • Please tell me how I can add pages from other students to one book, to create a class book?

    Also as far as I can see sharing the books created on Android tablets is way more difficult than using an iPad. Unfortunately Android tablets are what I have. I would love to App Smash with Seesaw but I can’t… is there a way?

    I love Book Creator and I can’t wait to have my students use it as their science journal!!!

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