3 Ways to Use iPads to Create Christmas Cards

Its always fun around the Christmas Holidays to make Christmas Cards at school.  Yes, you can take a piece of paper and fold it in 4 squares and write inside “Merry Christmas”  – but isn’t that boring? Let’s look at 3 ways that you can make visually appealing Christmas cards using audio and images with your students that can be sent home, emailed to parents, or sent via a blogging platform where parents are subscribed.

1. ChatterKid

This is a favorite app of mine because of its flexibility to be adaptable to almost anything you do in the classroom. I would recommend it to students who are in Pre-K, K or Grade 1.  Firstly, download the app from the app store, if you haven’ t already done so.

Create a new project.  Take a photo.  I taught the students how to take a selfie but leave enough room around the border for decorations OR you could have a teacher or assistant take the photo for them.  Alternatively, you could have them work in partners to take each others photo.  Do whatever works for you!  After adding the smile to the photo, select the Microphone to record.  This is where students can get creative and record their own Christmas Message.  The fun happens after they add their message, they can add stickers and borders. ChatterKid has pre-installed some wonderful stickers like a candy cane, scarf, christmas hat and many great Christmas borders. You may want to limit the amount of stickers they choose since the image could become crowded pretty quickly! I would say 2-3 stickers is sufficient.

Here is 1 example of a finished product:


2. Typo Pic + Pixabay

I recently discovered Typo Pic when I was playing around with finding apps that allowed images to have creative text overlayed on top.  I like Typo Pic because it is free, easy for kids to use and shareable to the camera roll of the iPad (which is very important if you want to put it on blogs or email it to parents).

First, I teach the kids about searching for copyright free images.  I use pixabay.  Pixabay is an easy to use search engine for photos.  I first go on Safari and navigate to www.pixabay.com, then I use the button in the top right corner that allows me to add a link to my home screen.  This makes it look like an app for the kids and all they have to do is click it and it takes them straight there.

Secondly, they search for “Winter”, “Christmas” or whatever holiday related term they want.  They find the photo they want and hold their finger on it for 2 seconds until the Save Image option pops up. Once its saved to the camera roll, we can use it in Typo Pic.

Finally, we open up Typo Pic, use the image from the camera roll, and have fun with adding text that looks great on the image.  There are lots of elements of design like spacing, typography, size and color that can also be taught during your lesson.

Here is 1 example of a finished product:

3. Book Creator

A third way of making great Christmas Cards is by using Book Creator.  This app is so amazing that it could be your sole app in the classroom for almost anything you would want students to create.  It comes with many options and flexibility of design.  Here’s how I would create a Christmas Card using Book Creator.

  1. Create a New Book
  2. Select Portrait Style in the Comic Templates.
  3. use the + Panels option to create a visually appealing, well-spaced cover page for your card.  There are many options.
  4. Use Pixabay or CC Search to find images that you could pull from the camera roll into your page.

You can turn your book into a pdf and print it, or export it as a video with audio recording or as an epub to be viewed on an iPad. The choice is yours!

Another fun addition to this card is to add audio from YouTube audio which is free.
Read about how to do that in this post of mine.



Do you have other creative ways of making Christmas Cards on the iPad?

Please leave a comment below – I would love to hear from you.


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